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Jtravel 【Australia】【Melbourle】【Sydney】【Australia】【10 - 30 Days】【5 - 60 GB】Australia Travel Prepaid Sim Card

Quantity: 74

Select variant(s): Australia, Date


Weight(grams): 10

Dimension: 15 cm (Length) x 1 cm (Width) x 15 cm (Height)

1. SIM Card Details

  • SIM Card Validity: 28 days
  • GB: Total 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 GB high-speed on 28day , after exceed direct Stop
  • Telco📶:Optus / Vodafone / Lycamobile /Telstra
  • SIM Size: Nano,Micro,Mini
  • Hotspot Sharing: Yes
  • Exp Date: Next 3 month

2. SIM Card Details

  • SIM Card Validity:【10 days 6GB 40MIN】/【15 days 8GB 60MIN】/【30 days 12GB 80MIN】
  • Total  6 / 8 / 12 GB high-speed , after exceed the post-down Unlimited low speed.
  • Plug n use when arrived, will auto active. no need provide any information.
  • Telco :   
  • Brand : China Unicom
  • Call ( 40/60/80 Min )
  • NOT local number, is Hong Kong number.
  • Exp Date: Next 3 month
3. SIM Card Details
  • SIM Card Validity:10 / 20 / 30 days
  • GB :  Total 5 / 10 / 20 GB  high-speed , after exceed will direct STOP.
  • Telco :   
  • Brand : Joytel
  • Data Only. No voice or SMS service, without any phone number.
  • Exp Date: Next 3 month
  • IMPORTANT : Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S10, S10e, S10+, A Series model before 2020 ,NOT compatible with OPPO Reno 8 .Mobile Mifi/Broadband not support.


Need provide active what mean ?

1-【Otpus / Telstra / Lyca】

need to be activated by yourself (the activation process can only be started after arriving at the destination and passing through the customs. After receiving the card, please contact customer service to request pdf tutorial).

⭐️It takes half an hour to 1 hour before it can be used normally.

⭐️Suggestion, purchases that require large data or phone number.


After placing an order OR after receiving the card MUST provide travel date to active ( Must be submitted 3 days before the tour date ).

⭐️Must submit Date.

⭐️It is recommended for purchases that require large data or phone number, simple to use.


Plug use, auto active what mean ?

All are automatically activated by inserting the card, no need to do anything, just insert the card after arrival, open data and roaming only. NO any number sim card.

⭐️It is recommended for the elderly OR those who need VERY simple to use.

Product Q&A
How good is the network coverage of this SIM card?
This card uses Optus / Vodafone / Lycamobile /Telstra network. 

If I finished using my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?
Yes, once total high speed data is used up, will direct stop . Only have Hong Kong number plan after finish total  6 / 8 / 12 GB , will post-down unlimited low speed.

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?
You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?
Delivery 3-5 working days depend on logistic (exclude Public Holiday and Sunday)

Can I insert the card before arriving in that country?
Cannot, only insert the card after reaching ur destination.

Does it count from the day I use it?
Once connect to network, data service until 23:59 as 1 day.

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